Sunday, April 22, 2012

String Eiffel Tower

Second string art project.

cork board

I decided to paint a background for this one.  I used a sponge paintbrush and red and white paint.  I started with white, and then added a little bit of red with each new layer to create an ombre effect. I then let it dry overnight.

Pick out a design that you want your string art to be and place a cutout of it on the board.  Then outline it with pins.

(board fell over and half the paint got rubbed off)

There's no particular order in which you should wrap the string, random is easiest.  First, you'll need to tie a knot around your first needle then just go back and forth between and around other pins until you're satisfied.  Once you're done, tie a knot around your final pin to keep everything from unraveling.

Adrienne J


  1. :D wow hahaha i've actually been looking for a pattern of the eiffel tower for string art, for a project xD and this is really great advice!! :D

  2. Thanks! Yea, I just googled Eiffel tower stencil/outline for mine. Then I copied it into word and enlarged the image to get a better size. Glad I could help!